Juniors: Ages 15 and under     Seniors: Ages 16 and over

The categories are the same for both Juniors and Seniors.

Class I - Cakes
SheetJelly RollGluten Free
Class II - Cookies (6 per entered plate)
Donut BarsBar CookiesGluten Free
BrowniesGranola BarsMisc
DonutsHealth Food
Class III - Breads and Muffins
MuffinsQuick BreadCoffee Cake
Dinner RollsYeast BreadsGluten Free
Coffee RingSweet RollsMisc
Class IV - Pies
Any kind of pie or tart
No cream pies or cheesecakes - Due to the weather
Class V - Candy
FudgeAny other home made

Senior Premiums in each class: 

1st- $7.00 2nd- $6.00 3rd- $5.00

Best of Show:  In Memory of Mary Colburn

Junior Premiums in each class: 

1st- $7.00 2nd- $6.00 3rd- $5.00

Senior Recipe   Junior Recipe