Youth Beef Show


Superintendent - Jamie Sullivan     (860) 354-6791
43 Curtis Rd, Bridgewater, CT 06752

Event times

Beef Show:                  Saturday at 9:00 am.
Beef Showmanship:     Sunday at 9:00 am (not mandatory for beef)

Event description

Fitting is the process of grooming cattle. 

Showmanship involves a person on the ground leading an animal, wearing a bridle, through a series of maneuvers called a pattern. The animal itself is not judged on its conformation. Rather, the exhibitor is judged on how well he or she exhibits the animal to its best advantage, with additional scoring for the grooming and presentation of both animal and handler.

Exhibitor age classifications

Class         Age range
Peewee   Children 6 & under (with an adult at their side)
Novice   First year (7-19 years old)    Never shown before
Junior    7 -13 years old
Senior   14 - 19 years old

Prize money: Beef Breed & Showmanship

Place     Prize
1st    $50.00
2nd  $40.00
3rd   $30.00
4th   $20.00
5th   $10.00

Beef cattle to be shown:

■ Registered purebred Angus     ■ Registered Hereford
■ All other breeds including all crossbred cattle and other registered breeds.

Heifer Show:

Class     Designation Age
1 Heifer Calf newborn - 6 months
2 Junior Heifer Calf 6 months - 1 year old ..
3 Intermediate Heifer Calf 1 year - 18 months
4 Senior Heifer Calf 18 months - 2 years
5 Cow/Calf Class over 2 with Calf at side
6 Champion / Reserve Champion   Trophy / Rosette
7 Bull Calf Class 6 months and under / Rosette

Steer Show:

All Classes will be divided evenly according to weights

Class     Weight
1 Light
2 Medium
3 Heavy
4 Champion & Reserve Trophy  

*All Steers to be weighed in on Friday Evening (Time to be Announced)