Flower Contest and Exhibit


Jen Schilkowski (203) 648-0502

Exhibit Rules

  1. All entries MUST be placed between 8:30 am and 12:00 noon on Friday. No entries will be accepted after this time. The exhibit will be closed at noon for preparation and judging. If these times do not work for you, special arrangements can be made by contacting Jen at (203)648-0502.
  2. All entries must be clean, free from disease and insect injury.
  3. Cut flower specimens should be entered with foliage.
  4. All cut flowers specimens should have at least 2-3 stems, unless otherwise noted.
  5. The committee will furnish containers for cut flower specimens only.
  6. All properties should be labeled with the owners name.
  7. Junior Division will consist of ages 12 and under.
  8. Junior High and High School Division is ages 13 to 18.
  9. Artistic Arrangements should not exceed 18 inches in width and 24 inches in height (except Class 51,52,53).
  10. **Florist grown flowers and foliage are permitted in artistic arrangements, and in junior division classes 2, 4 & 5.
  11. All entries must be picked up at 6:00 pm on Sunday. Any arrangement or award not picked up after 6:00 pm will go to the Fair Office.

Best of Show awarded in Honor of Patricia A. Schlemmer

Junior Division

Class 1: Cut Flower Specimen: 2-3 stems of annuals or perennials
*Class 2: Basket or Bouquet 3 or more varieties

Junior High and High School Division

Class 3: Cut Flower Specimen: 2-3 stems of annuals or perennials
*Class 4: Bouquet mixed flowers
*Class 5: Basket with handle, 3 or more varieties.


Cut Flower/Foliage Specimen

Class 6: Celosia
Class 7: Cleome
Class 8: Coleus
Class 9: Marigold
Class 10: Petunia
Class 11: Snapdragon
Class 12: Sunflower
Class 13: Zinnia-small (under 2”)
Class 14: Zinnia-large (2” and over)
Class 15: any other cut specimen


Class 16: Echinacea-Coneflower
Class 17: Aster
Class 18: Phlox
Class 19: Sedum
Class 20: any other perennial specimen

Bulbs, Tubers, Corms

Class 21: Gladiolus -1 spike (at least 1 open bloom)
Class 22: Tuberous Begonia, one stem
Class 23: Dahlia
    23 A. Over 3 ½ inches – 1 bloom
    23 B. 1 ½ to 3 ½ inches – 1 bloom
    23 C. Collection – 5 blooms
Class 24: any other bulb or tuber

Other Cut Flower Classes

Class 25: Hydrangea, one stem, any color
Class 26: Hydrangea, one stem, grandiflora, cone shape
Class 27: Hydrangea, one stem, lacecap
Class 28: Rose, grandiflora or hybrid tea, one bloom
Class 29: Rose, floribunda, one spray
Class 30: Rose, miniature, one spray
Class 31: Flowering vine, not over 24” long

Cut Flower Basket or Container (must be grown by exhibitor)

Class 32: Bouquet, mixed flowers
Class 33: Basket, 3 or more varieties with handle
Class 34: Bouquet, 7 or more Hydrangea stems

Potted Plants

Class 35: Specimen or unusual plant
Class 36: Begonia, grown for foliage
Class 37: Specimen Vine, or Ivy
Class 38: Specimen Fern
Class 39: Coleus
Class 40: African violet
Class 41: Dish Garden, 3 or more plants
Class 42: Succulent
Class 43: Any other potted plant

Tropicals or Exotics

Class 44: Hibiscus – 1 stem
Class 45: Canna – 1 stem
Class 46: any other tropical or exotic bloom – 1 stem

Artistic Arrangement

*Class 47: Floral basket of mixed flowers
*Class 48: Design using tropical flowers and/or foliage
*Class 49: Design of mixed flowers
*Class 50: Miniature arrangement – not to exceed 3 inches in any direction

Special for 2016

Class 51: Fourth of July (must contain our patriotic colors in some form)
Class 52:  Take Me Out To The Ball Game-use your favorite sports team as inspiration (must contain teams' paraphernalia)
Class 53 Lets Go On A Picnic-What would you take on a picnic?  Does not need to be All flowers, but it does need to be in a basket!! (no dimension restriction)