The Home Arts Tent is the home base home & arts contests. The tent is located adjacent to and south of the firehouse. 


Dawn Sullivan, (860) 355-5865

See the details for each individual contests for the time when you should deliver your entry. Most of the entries are brought directly to the Home Arts Tent during a specific interval of time. The major exception to the above "rule" is that artwork must be delivered to the Gregory James Gallery at 93 Park Lane Road in New Milford.     


Art Exhibit
Local Photo Contest & Exhibit
Canning and Fresh Eggs
Flower Exhibit
Litchfield County Contest
Vegetable and Fruit Exhibit


A Best of the Best of Show trophy will be given to a Bridgewater resident.  The winner will be chosen from the Best of Show entries.   The trophy is given yearly in Memory of Helen Stuart, the first Secretary of the Bridgewater Fair. 

A Best of Show trophy will be given in the Flower category. 
A Best of Show trophy will be given in the Baked Goods category.
A Superintendent's trophy will be given the the Hobbies category.