Birdhouse made from Recycled Materials

Sponsored by Litchfield County Council of Fairs

WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is open to all residents of Connecticut. Prizes will be awarded in two divisions at each Fair: Youth (up through age 15) and Adult (age 16 and over).

LOCAL CONTEST: Exhibits may be entered at any fair that is a member of the Litchfield County Council of Fairs. Contestants may enter their exhibit in as many fairs as they wish until they win first prize. At that time they will be representing that fair at the Litchfield County Council of Fairs Contest in the fall. If it is found that the contestant has entered and won first prize in more than one Litchfield County Council Fair, they will be disqualified from participating in the Litchfield County Council of Fairs Contest in the fall of 2016.

If for any reason the first place contestant cannot participate in the fall contest, the second place winner of that fair will be the representative.

First prize winners at each fair in both the Youth and Adult divisions will be awarded blue rosettes by the Litchfield County Council of Fairs. Please contact the fair you are representing for information about the dinner, time and place of the fall meeting.

COUNTY CONTEST: Representative winners from each fair for both divisions will be eligible to enter their exhibit in the County Contest to be held at the fall meeting of the Litchfield County Council of Fairs, the last Wednesday in October. Entries must be in place by 6:30pm to be judged.

COUNTY PRIZES: Rosettes and cash prizes will be awarded in each Division as follows:
First Place: $25.00 Second Place: $20.00 Third Place: $15.00
Fourth Place: $10.00 Fifth Place: $5.00 Sixth-Ninth Place: Rosette

CONTEST RULES: The entry must consist of at least 75% of recyclable materials. The birdhouse must be no larger than 14 inches wide, 14 inches long and 14 inches high.

Attractiveness 20%
Originality 30%
Suitability of Materials 20% 
Workmanship 30% 

INFORMATION: The Beacon Grange Fair is responsible for this year’s contest.
Please contact the following for additional information: Bea Neri at 860-733-5818