Needlework Contest & Exhibit

Bonnie Weed - Superintendent - 860 355-1264

All entries must be received by August 17 using the pdf Entry Form

Send all entry forms to: 
Bonnie Weed, 61 Sunny Valley Lane, New Milford, CT 06776
No entry fee
Committee: Ron & Dory Kutz and Michael Savoy and Leona Johnson

Prizes Sponsored By Fairfield Processing



General Rules

  1. All entries must be delivered between the hours of 3:00 and 6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 18, 2016, to the Home Arts Tent.
  2. rticles not cleaned and pressed will be not be judged.
  3. Knitting and crochet should be blocked and trimmed.
  4. All decisions of the judges are final.
  5. All articles must be owned and created by the exhibitor.
  6. Only one exhibit in each class will be permitted.
  7. Only listed articles will be accepted.
  8. Judging in all instances shall be based on the merit of the exhibit and lack of competition shall not affect the award to be made.
  9. Premium and ribbon for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, ribbon only for 4th. Top awards may be withheld if, in the opinion of the judges, no entry is worthy.
  10. No articles will be released before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 21, and all articles must be claimed by 6:30 p.m. Any article remaining after this time will be disposed of by the committee.
  11. No article will be released without a claim check nor returned by mail.
  12. The Bridgewater Fair will not insure articles against fire, theft, or damage of any kind. This may be done by the entrant.
  13. Entries must not have been previously entered in the Bridgewater Fair.
  14. Trophies will be presented for best article in each of the fourteen divisions.
  15. The Superintendent reserves the right to combine, split, or add classes based on the number of entries, if necessary.

Junior Division - Same divisions as Adult. (Junior: up to and including age 15) 

Class 1. Dress
Class 2. Costume
Class 3. Any other clothing
Class 4. Misc.

Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Counted Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Crewel
Class 5. Framed, under 8” work area
Class 6. Framed, 8” or over work area
Class 7. Pillow
Class 8. Holiday stem
Class 9. Misc.

Needle Felting
Class 10. Any needle felting

Class 11. Afghan
Class 12. Baby Afghan
Class 13. Sweater
Class 14. Cowl or Scarf
Class 15. Hat
Class 16. Shawl, Shrug, Wrap, or Poncho
Class 17. Baby Set
Class 18. Purse, Bag, or Tote
Class 19. Home Goods
Class 20. Holiday Item
Class 21. Stuffed Item
Class 22. Misc.

Class 23. Afghan
Class 24. Baby Afghan
Class 25. Adult Sweater
Class 26. Child Sweater
Class 27. Baby Set
Class 28. Socks
Class 29. Hat
Class 30. Scarf or Cowl
Class 31. Shawl, Shrug, or Wrap
Class 32. Poncho
Class 33. Purse, Bag, or Tote
Class 34. Gloves
Class 35. Mittens
Class 36. Home Goods
Class 37. Stuffed Item
Class 38. Holiday Item
Class 39. Misc.

Hand-Spun Yarn
Class 40. Any hand-spun yarn

Class 41. Bed Quilt, hand quilted
Class 42. Bed Quilt, Applique, Twin
Class 43. Bed Quilt, Applique, Full/Queen
Class 44. Bed Quilt, Pieced, Twin
Class 45. Bed Quilt, Pieced, Full/Queen
Class 46. Crib Quilt
Class 47. Lap quilt
Class 48. Wall hanging, 39 inch or less
Class 49. Wall hanging, more than 39 inches
Class 50. Pillow
Class 51. Misc.