John L. Mead, Superintendent
80 Boardman Road, New Milford, CT 06776 (860) 354-8130


Tanya Herring, Brenda Mead, Steve & Pat Kunz, Tom Gereg, John, Patti & Liz Gradowich, Sally & Rob Bernhardo



Judging will start at 10:30 am on Saturday.
Judging on first three only unless by request by the exhibitors in large classes.
The Judge will be instructed to withhold a prize or prizes when, in his opinion, the specimens are not of sufficient merit. See prize premiums at the end of this page.

Registration of Entries

Send all entries to the Superintendent at the address listed above to be received on or before August 13, 2016.
Your entry should include an entry fee of $0.50 for each bird. 
No telephone entries will be accepted.
The entry form must include:
    * Your name and * address and the following information about your entries:
    breed, variety, cock, hen, cockerel, or pullet.
    Be sure to state whether Bantam, large fowl or waterfowl.
All entries must be owned by the exhibitor and must be of a recognized breed and variety.
Waterfowl will also be entered as cock, hen, cockerel, or pullet depending on age.
Only adult birds may be shown (5 months or older).
Entries will not be accepted after August 13, 2016.
Note: Due to the limited cage capacity, entries will be accepted on a first come basis, until cages are filled.

Delivery of Entries & other rules

All entries must be on the Fair Grounds by 5 pm Friday.
Birds may be cooped in on Thursday between 6 and 9 pm.
Feed will be supplied by the Fair.
The Fair will not be responsible for any accidents, mistakes, loss or damage from any cause.
Birds must stay on the Fair Grounds until 6 pm Sunday.
No advertising will be permitted on coops until the judging has been completed

Health Rules

POULTRY-IN STATE: Poultry originating within the state must from healthy flocks with no evidence of infectious, contagious and/or communicable diseases. All birds must be inspected, identified and accompanied by written proof (Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Report) that verifies that the breeding flock or the individual birds listed on the report were blood-test negative for Salmonella Pullorum within 365 days of the show date. Concurrent Avian Influenza testing of the flock and/or individual birds is strongly recommended. Poultry vaccinated within 30 days with any live virus vaccine will be prohibited from showing. All cages, crates or vehicles used for housing or transporting poultry must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each show. DOVES, PIGEONS, AND WATERFOWL ARE EXEMPT FROM TESTING REQUIREMENTS, BUT MUST BE IDENTIFIED BY LEG BANDS OR WING TAGS.
POULTRY-OUT OF STATE: All poultry must test negative for Salmonella Pullorum within 12 months of the show date and be accompanied by this certificate. All poultry must comply with the Department of Agriculture Avian Influenza requirements by originating from AI-Free flocks or be tested for AI within 30 days of the entry and have a certificate. No poultry from any areas of any state having Avian Influenza may enter Connecticut. Poultry vaccinated within crates and vehicles used for housing and transporting poultry must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each show. DOVES, PIGEONS, AND WATERFOWL ARE EXEMPT FROM TESTING REQUIREMENTS, BUT MUST BE IDENTIFIED BY LEG BANDS OR WING TAGS.




         1st 2nd 3rd
Cock $8 $7 $6
Hen $8 $7 $6
Cockerel $8 $7 $6
Pullet $8 $7 $6

Large Fowl

          1st 2nd 3rd
Cock $8 $7 $6
Hen $8 $7 $6
Cockerel $8 $7 $6
Pullet $8 $7 $6


          1st 2nd 3rd
Cock $8 $7 $6
Hen $8 $7 $6
Cockerel $8 $7 $6
Pullet $8 $7 $6

Best in Breed     Prize: $7.00 and Rosette

Any breed with fifteen or more. 
Large Fowl and Bantams competing. This will include Ducks and Geese also. 

Champion Large Fowl - Trophy and $10
Champion Bantam - Trophy and $10
Champion Waterfowl - Trophy and $10
Super Grand Champion of Show - Trophy and $10