The Roast Beef Tent

You know 'em.  You love 'em.  You wait all year to have one.  Over the coals roast beef.  Slow cooked for hours and served on a delicious fresh roll.   Add horseradish and sauce to step it up a notch.

The BBQ Tent

Slow cooked pulled Pork (were talking 16 hours slow).   Brisket and all kinds of sides available.  This isn’t a frozen reheated piece of meat.  This is true slow cooked BBQ.   Sit in there shaded sitting area located next to the band stand and enjoy mouthwatering BBQ while enjoying the live music.    (Beer tent is next door to quench your thirst). 

The Chicken Tent

½ a roasted chicken, Sweet Corn with and without butter, baked potatoes with all the toppings and fresh sliced watermelon!!!!!!  What else could you ask for?!

The Main Food Tent

This is our biggest variety in one location.  Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fried Clams, French Fries

The Taco Tent * New 2017*

The Taco tent is our newest addition.   We have added the taco wing to the Pizza and Pastrami sandwich tent.   Tacos with slow cooked beef and chicken with all the usual toppings.   Churros will also be served to satisfy your sweet tooth.    The crew from the Burger Barn have regrouped for 2017 to add this delicious option to our menu.   

The Fried Dough Tent

This is Fried Dough with a choice of sauce or powder sugar.   Heck go nuts and have both.   New at Fried Dough this year – Fried Oreo’s.   Delicious Oreo cookies battered and fried served with vanilla Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Tent

Delicious soft served ice cream.  Multiple flavors served in a cone or cup.   Try the cookie cup sundae for those with the stomach to handle it.  

The Beer Tent

Multiple brews served ice cold.  Local microbrews also available.  Sit and relax in the beer garden while enjoying some shade and local musicians playing acoustic tunes. 

The Smoothie Tent

Fresh made smoothies in a variety of fresh fruit flavors.  A great way to cool off and be healthy.

*****All food tents serve Coca-Cola products and bottled watered from Crystal Rock****